Monday, January 27, 2014


Lesson 70 Essay

    A genre is the word used to distinguish different groups of literature. The biggest distinction in literature is made between nonfiction and fiction. Nonfiction literature is any work that is written about real historical people or events and contains only facts. Fiction is all other works of literature.

    Biographies/Autobiographies: This genre is nonfiction. Biographies are the type of nonfiction that are written about one person in particular. Autobiographies are similar to journals and are the memoirs of the person who is the subject of the book. An example of an autobiography is Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote a series of books about her life.

    Fantasy: This is a fiction genre. Fantasy is the work of literature that describes strange settings and other worldly characters. This fiction type invites suspension of reality. Fantasy novels may have some realistic portions, but much of the stories are imagined. Two of my favorite series, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and Harry Potter by JK Rowling, are examples of fantasy.

    Mythology: A fiction genre as well, mythology is legend or traditional narrative, and is often based in part on historical events. These stories reveal human behavior and natural phenomena by its symbolism; often these are the actions of the gods. The book Classic Myths to Read Aloud by William F. Russel is an example of Greek and Roman myths.

    Fables/Parables: This genre is one of my favorites. Fables are narrations demonstrating a useful truth. These short stories often have animals speaking as humans and are supernatural and legendary tales. A classic example of fables is the book Aesop's Fables. Parables are similar to fables. One of my favorite parables is The Parable of the Sower in Matt. 13 of the Bible.