Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Burning Nails

Here I'm going to show you how create "fire" on your fingernails.

I had this idea to see how I was with delicate designs on my nails, so this is a first try.

You can try for yourself!

To create this nail art you will need the following:

 What you need
-Yellow nail polish

-Red nail polish

-Orange nail polish (optional)

-Clear top coat

-Very fine tip Sharpie marker

Step One: Give your nails 1 coat of yellow polish

Step 1

Step Two (optional-depends on type of polish): Give nails another coat of yellow. This color I'm using in Sheer so I put two coats on. You might not have to if your polish is thicker.
 Step 2

Step Three: Draw flame waves on nails with Sharpie marker

  Step 3

Step Four: Paint under drawn flames with red nail polish. After this step you can splotch the orange polish on the red coat if you want. It's totally optional.

Step 4

Step Five: Use clear top coat to protect your nails
Step 5

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and you can make your own designs in the future! :D