Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer of Suspense: Review

Lesson 10 Essay
When Phil, Abbey, Andy, and Tom Baker hear that their cousin Millie will visit their farm for the summer, little do they imagine what a dreary time they will have with the snobbish girl. But when Millie disappears, life quickly becomes anything but dreary.

         A Summer of Suspense, by C.R. Hedgcock, is just one of the many books in the Baker Family Adventures. This is a very good book about family and friendship.

        The exposition, or introduction to this book happens in the first chapter. This chapter introduces you to the Baker family and their customs. You learn that the family loves horseback riding and often competes in county fairs.
        The rising action begins in the second chapter and continues to build tension until the climax in chapter nineteen. Here's a quick recap of what happened in those chapters.
        Millie Drake, the Baker's cousin, arrives and is immediately wanting to go home. Then the horses start getting out and the Baker kids accuse Millie of letting them out. Calvin, Millie's horse disappears and Millie leaves to go find him. She doesn't come back and the kids get worried. They go to the fairgrounds thinking Millie has gone there. Instead, Abbey Baker is kidnapped. Millie's dad, Uncle Clive, hires a detective to find her. Abbey is brought to a house where she is locked in a dark room. She discovers that Millie has been kidnapped and is in the same room with her. By now the detective has realized that the kidnapper is Miss Trina Verton, a famous jewel thief. Abbey and Millie unlock the door by using Abbey's braces and escape by riding the kidnapper's horses. Phil Baker and Detective Jones find Miss Verton's lair and make a plan to capture her but end up being discovered by Verton's bodyguards. Meanwhile, Abbey and Millie somehow end up at the lair. They are found out by an employee named Jigson who helps them find Phil and Detective Jones. Jigson gets a plan together to rescue Phil and Detective Jones by knocking out Miss Verton and calling the police. All they have to do now is get out without being caught.
        As I said before, the climax happens very quickly in the nineteenth chapter. Here, Abbey, Millie, Phil, Jigson, and Detective Jones all work together to get out safely and unnoticed. While the girls hide in the kidnapper's car trunk, Detective Jones and Phil tackle the guards stationed at the door. Jigson opens up the door of the lair to let in the police cars. The police quickly handcuff the guards. That pretty much wraps up the climax, so now we'll move onto the resolution.
        The resolution finishes up this book from the twentieth chapter to the last chapter. The Baker kids and Millie Drake arrive back safely at the farm. Jigson and Jones explain what happened and how they captured the jewel thieves. And then, two days later, the Baker family competes in the county fair.

I think this was an excellent book. During Abbey's and Millie's time imprisoned together, they became fast friends. All throughout this book, everyone always found time to pray to God.