Monday, October 28, 2013

When Hurricane Ike Hit

 Lesson 25 Essay
       It was just an ordinary day in September 2008. My siblings and I were watching a movie when we heard thunder and really loud wind. It got dark and all of a sudden it was pouring rain. Mom said this storm was the remnants of Hurricane Ike that came up from Texas. The winds were going up to more than 70 miles per hour!
        We live on a farm in Ohio, and we have a silo. When we moved to this farm, the silo had a little piece missing from the top, and when the storm hit, the wind blew the rest of the top off. I remember that it was dangerous to go outside because the metal pieces of the silo top were flying around. In fact, some of the pieces actually sliced into our pool that we had in the yard.
        The terrible winds cut out the electricity for five days straight. We carried buckets of the pool water to feed our animals, wash hands and dishes, and to flush toilets. Mom made trips to town to fill gallon tanks of water for cooking and drinking. Dad borrowed a generator from a friend to power the refrigerator and some lights. He also put heavy blankets around our box freezers to keep the food from spoiling.
        It was very terrifying because of the deadly pieces of flying metal that could've hit something less replaceable than a pool. We are very thankful to God for keeping us safe.