Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Family

  Lesson 15 Essay

        My name is SadieAnn Romeo and I'm 15. I have the most wonderful family I could ever ask for. With 9 siblings and a mom and dad, I'm never without anything to do!
        Mom and Dad are the best parents ever and have helped me so much over my life. Mom is so supportive and she's always there when I need to talk to her, especially when times get really tough. Having Mom just upstairs is a joy. Her being our homeschool teacher is a huge blessing. Dad is a self-employed woodworker, which means that he's always close by in his workshop at our house. Every morning dad wakes us up at 7:30 and then does our daily Bible study. Every day I can hear him praising God for everything we have.
        My 5 sisters are amazing. My older sister Natalie, who is 17, is so fun to talk to even though she can be a little irritating. We like most of the same stuff so we're rarely without anything talk about.
        My younger sisters Olivia, Hannah, Ariel, and Lucy are great siblings. Olivia (12) is my go to person when I need to talk. Hannah (10), Ariel (6), and Lucy (3), get really close when they play dress up and that makes me smile.
        Benjamin (16), Jacob (13), and Calvin (8), are my brothers. Ben and Jake are always making sure the daily chores get done. Everyday Ben has a new tidbit of something to say and Jacob is so interesting to play with.
        All in all, our family is always there for each other. Getting through this year has been hard after my brother Max (19), died last year in a car crash. Max's girlfriend, Chelsey, has become part of our family and she's a great friend. My church family has been super supportive in all that's happened and I know I can trust my friends to help me in my life.